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101: O believers, do not ask about things which, if made known to you, may vex you. But if you ask about them when the Qur´an is being revealed they will be unfolded to you. God has overlooked (your failings) in this (respect), for God is forgiving and forbearing.

102: Such things were asked by a people before you, but they disbelieved them afterwards.

103: God has not sanctioned Baheerah or Sa´ibah, Waseelah or Ham. The unbelievers fabricate lies of God, for many of them are devoid of sense.

104: When you say to them: "Come to what God has revealed, and the Prophet," they say: "Sufficient to us is the faith that our fathers had followed," even though their fathers had no knowledge or guidance.

105: O you who believe, on you rests (the responsibility) for your own selves. If you follow the right path those who have gone astray will not be able to do you harm. To God have all of you to return, when He will tell you what you were doing.

106: O you who believe, let two honest men among you be witness when you dictate your last will and testament as (the hour of) death draws near; and if death approaches while you are on a journey, two men other than yours. Detain them after the service of prayer, and if you doubt their word make them swear by God that: "We shall not take a bribe even though it be offered by a near relative, nor hide the testimony of God, for then we shall surely be sinful."

107: If it transpires they have concealed the truth, two of those who are immediately concerned should take their place and swear by God: "Our testimony is truer than theirs. We have stated no more (than the truth), or else we shall be unjust"

108: It is thus likely that men will bear witness rightly, or else fear that their oaths may be disproved by oaths given after them. So fear God, and do not forget that God does not guide the iniquitous.

109: The day God will gather the apostles and ask: "What answer was made to you?" They will say: "We know not. You alone know the secrets unknown."

110: And when God will say: "O Jesus, son of Mary, remember the favours I bestowed on you and your mother, and reinforced you with divine grace that you spoke to men when in the cradle, and when in the prime of life; when I taught you the law and the judgement and the Torah and the Gospel; when you formed the state of your people´s destiny out of mire and you breathed (a new spirit) into it, and they rose by My leave; when you healed the blind by My leave, and the leper ; when you put life into the dead by My will; and when I held back the children of Israel from you when you brought to them My signs, and the disbelievers among them said: "Surely these are nothing but pure magic."

111: And when I inspired the disciples (through Jesus) to believe in Me and My apostle, they said: "We believe, and You bear witness that we submit"

112: When the disciples said: "O Jesus, son of Mary, could your Lord send down for us a table laid with food?" he said: "Fear God, if indeed you believe."

113: They said: "We should like to eat of it to reassure our hearts and to know that it´s the truth you have told us, and that we should be witness to it."

114: Said Jesus, son of Mary. "O God, our Lord, send down a table well laid out with food from the skies so that this day may be a day of feast for the earlier among us and the later, and a token from You. Give us our (daily) bread, for You are the best of all givers of food."

115: And said God: "I shall send it down to you; but if any of you disbelieve after this, I shall inflict such punishment on him as I never shall inflict on any other creature."

116: And when God will ask: "O Jesus, son of Mary, did you say to mankind: ´Worship me and my mother as two deities apart from God?´ (Jesus) will answer: "Halleluja. Could I say what I knew I had no right (to say)? Had I said it You would surely have known, for You know what is in my heart though I know not what You have. You alone know the secrets unknown.

117: I said nought to them but what You commanded me: Worship God, my Lord and your Lord. And so long as I dwelt with them I was witness over their actions. And after my life had been done, You were their keeper; and You are a witness over all things.

118: If You punish them, indeed they are Your creatures; if You pardon them, indeed You are mighty and wise."

119: God will say: ´This is the day when the truthful shall profit by their truthfulness. For them will be gardens with streams running by, where they will for ever abide." God will accept them, and they will be gratified in (obeying) Him. This will surely be happiness supreme.

120: To God belongs all that is in the heavens and the earth, and His the power over everything.

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