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1: ALIF LAM RA. These are the verses of the immaculate Book.

2: We have sent it down as a clear discourse that you may understand.

3: Through the revelation of this Qur´an We narrate the best of histories of which you were unaware before.

4: When Joseph told his father: "O my father, I saw eleven stars and the sun and the moon bowing before me in homage,"

5: He said: "O son, do not narrate your dream to your brothers, or they will plot against you. Surely Satan is man´s acknowledged foe.

6: Your Lord will choose you and teach you to interpret events, and confer His favours on you and the house of Jacob, as He had done in the case of two ancestors of yours, Abraham and Isaac, before you. Indeed your Lord is all-knowing and all-wise."

7: In the story of Joseph and his brothers are lessons for those who inquire.

8: "Surely Joseph and his brother are dearer to our father than we," (said his half brothers) "even though we are a well-knit band. Our father is surely in the wrong.

9: Let us kill Joseph or cast him in some distant land so that we may get our father´s exclusive affection; then play innocent."

10: One of them said: "If you must do so, then do not kill Joseph, but throw him into an unused well. Some passing caravan may rescue him."

11: (Then going to their father) they said: "O father, why don´t you trust us with Joseph? We are in fact his well-wishers.

12: Let him go out with us tomorrow that he may enjoy and play. We shall take care of him."

13: He said: "I am afraid of sending him with you lest a wolf should devour him when you are unmindful."

14: They replied: "If a wolf should devour him when we are there, a well-knit band, we shall certainly be treacherous."

15: So, when they took him out they planned to throw him into an unused well. We revealed to Joseph: "You will tell them (one day) of this deed when they will not apprehend it."

16: At nightfall they came to their father weeping,

17: And said: "We went racing with one another and left Joseph to guard our things when a wolf devoured him. But you will not believe us even though we tell the truth."

18: They showed him the shirt with false blood on it. (Their father) said: "It is not so; you have made up the story. Yet endurance is best. I seek the help of God alone for what you impute."

19: A caravan happened to pass, and sent the water-carrier to bring water from the well. He let down his bucket (and pulled Joseph up with it). "What luck," said the man; "here is a boy;" and they hid him as an item of merchandise; but what they did was known to God.

20: And they sold him as worthless for a few paltry dirham.

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